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Two of a Kind is a duo consisting of singer Emma Sjögren and pianist Mats Skimmelå, formed in the fall of 2021. The repertoire consists of jazz standards, songs from the Great American Songbook. ​
Emma has lived in Mariestad since 2010. Emma grew up in a family where music always had an obvious place. She started singing jazz at 15. As a profession, she chose to study sociology, but has always had music as a large and important part of her life. Emma wants you to be touched by her singing and wishes together with
Mats that you will be able to enjoy the beautiful music that was written many years ago but still feels relevant today. ​
Mats grew up in Värmland and via Boston and Stockholm has now ended up in Mariestad. He has studied music at Geijerskolan and Liljeholmen fkhs and finished his music studies with a degree, Profesional Music at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA in 1994. Mats has played in many different constellations, he likes to play in smaller groups. The duo format is both exciting and challenging for Mats as a pianist.
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