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Skimmelå/Pihlström Duo

Skimmelå/Pihlström Duo was formed in January 2021 and consists of pianist Mats Skimmelå and saxophonist Johan Pihlström.


The repertoire consists of jazz standards, Swedish jazz and original compositions by Mats. 

The first gig was at Mariestads hostel on 22/6 2021, 


Johan originally comes from the community of Ljungsbro in Östergötland. The municipal music school has been responsible for the instrument training. In 2006, the move was to Mariestad. He has played the saxophone since 1986 in everything from symphonic wind orchestras to big bands. The interest in small ensembles and small settings has always existed, but it is in recent years that playing in small sets has become a reality. 

The Duo is challenging as each note is important for the music to fit together. It is precisely this that is the inspiration. ​ 


Mats comes from Butorp, Deje in Värmland. He studied music at Geijerskolan, Liljeholmen Folkhögskola, and Berklee College of Music and graduated in 1994. After completing his studies, he moved to Stockholm in 1995 where he worked as a freelance musician, Mats has appeared in various constellations. At the beginning of 2017, he moved to Mariestad. For more information, see the links below.

December 19 2022 they released their first album on Spotify and other digital plattforms

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