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Two of a Kind - Emma Sjögren & Mats Skimmelå
The duo Two of a Kind has existed since autumn 2021. The base is Mariestad, Sweden but none of the duo's members is from the city with a capital M.

The duo's name is a play on words and a nod to Miles Davies' record Kind of Blue, but with a twist as the duo discovered early in their career that they despite being different people have the same musical interest and like to listen to the same type of music.
The music comes from the Great American Songbook, which is close to both in the duo. Throughout their musical careers, both Mats and Emma have always returned to jazz music, which first got them starting with music and also the genre that they both really have an interest in spreading further and developing into their own sound.
Mats has his roots in the Värmland forest and draws inspiration from the forest and its essence, has studied in the USA at the Berklee College of Music in Boston

Emma was born from the Swedish song and music culture and came originally from Nässjö. The musical schooling comes from the municipal music school, but it was during the time at the folk high school in Norway that Emma picked up her ears for jazz for real and really made it blossom.

By making music together, voice and piano have been woven together into a good concept.

Their first album, Summertime, released on June 16, 2023, is now available on Spotify and other digital platforms. They can offer concerts with jazz standards and a church concert with music from Duke Ellington's Sacred Concerts. 
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